Data Science - Customer Strategy - Data Integration

We help our clients manage and optimize customer relationships using data and analytics

Data Science, AI & Segmentation

Predictive Models, Media Optimization & Forecasting, Generative AI, Segmentation, Attribution Solutions, Social Network Analyses

Customer Strategy & Roadmaps

Customer Strategy Roadmaps, Digital Data Sourcing Plans, Technology Roadmaps, Customer Life cycle Optimization, Organizational Alignment

Business Intelligence & Data Integration

BI & Marketing Dashboards, Customer Valuation, Data Lake & Warehouse Development, Marketing Attribution, Digital data integration,

What Differentiates Optumine

With deep big data and digital experience, matched with decades of customer data platform, customer strategy & business intelligence solution deployment, we focus on performance-based solutions. Our teams have the ability to be steeped in the analytics and technology while working with your business teams to make the solutions understandable and actionable in order to drive incremental revenue. 

When you work with Optumine you will be working directly with the experts that build the solutions while one of our principles will be working with you and will be directly accountable for your success.

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