A Cloud-Based Interactive Data Science Platform

A Data Science & Machine Learning environment capable of analyzing any cloud-based data warehouse in an easy to use interface. Galadrome takes away the complexity of setting up and maintaining a data science environment so you can focus on delivering insights.

Analyst Friendly - Fully Integrated

The ability to easily view, massage, analyze, model, report and collaborate. A browser notebook which integrates with your data in the cloud.

Powerful Data Science - Big Data Enabled

Galadrome uses Spark MLlib, Python & R as its underlying analytic engine . Spark included & connects to your cloud-based data warehouse.

Dedicated - Secure - Cloud-Based

A dedicated environment which you control at a consistent price. Available on AWS. Will be available on Google & Azure.

What Differentiates GALADROME

Other data science & data engineering enterprise solutions are good but they can be expensive and we have found that many groups only use the open source functionality within these solutions.  AWS EMR provides a nice open source service, is typically less expensive, but if you leave it on the price drop from the enterprise solutions may not be significant and EMR was not built to be a full time collaborative environment.   

The above is not a criticism of the available solutions, as we have used many and are fans of some, but our experience is that many data science user groups would be best served with a solution that has all the data mining power of the above solutions, is easy to use, available full time, and at a price aligned to their needs.  Over the years Optumine has built such a solution to use internally, and for use in client engagements, so we packaged and released it as Galadrome.    

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